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Annual Membership: Annual dues are $35 for single/couple memberships and $150 for business/commercial memberships. You may pay online by credit card or by mailing a check to MVA.  Annual memberships are good for one year from the date of joining, and you will be notified when your membership is due for renewal.
Lifetime Membership: We will never bill you again for annual dues. ($350 for single/couple; $1,500 for business/commercial).
Founders Circle Membership: The Founders Circle was created to provide Ma’alaea owners a way to leave a lasting legacy and support the new organization in perpetuity. The Founders Circle was open for a limited time only and is now closed.


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Why join MVA?

The Ma‘alaea Village Association (MVA) serves as a vital link between the Ma‘alaea community and county and state government. As a member of the Alliance of Community Associations, MVA stays current on issues affecting the island in general and Ma‘alaea in particular. Whether it be pursuing alternate routes for Ma‘alaea residents in case of disaster, serving as a conduit of information for member AOAO’s to research wastewater alternatives, crime reduction, beach erosion, or many of the other issues facing our small community, MVA provides an opportunity to address community issues and long standing community needs. All of this would be hard for a single property owner, one of approx. 550 individual units and additional commercial entities serving Ma‘alaea. Working together, we can make things happen. IT TAKES A VILLAGE!

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